How A Credit Repair Lawyer In Michigan Can Help You Save Money On Mortgage Payments


Did you know that your monthly mortgage payments are affected by your credit score when you are trying to buy a house? Before you embark on buying your first home, it is always important to meet with a credit repair lawyer to:


Happy Couple Recieving Mortgage Counseling From A Credit Repair Lawyer In Michigan


Identify Any Errors On Your Credit Score

A credit repair lawyer will catch errors regarding missed payments that were actually made or old debts that no longer affect your score.


Work On Eliminating Credit Report Mistakes

A credit repair lawyer will dispute the mistakes and get them removed from your credit report.


Ensure That The Errors Do Not Reappear On Your Credit History

Ongoing vigilance is required to be sure that there are not any recurring errors on your credit report.


Teach You How To Build Credit For A Better Credit Rating

A good credit repair lawyer will not just identify and fix errors, they will set you up for future success by teaching you how to build your credit.

After you meet with a credit repair lawyer and take the necessary steps toward building your credit, you will be prepared to buy your first home. The confidence of knowing that your credit report is error-free and your credit score is as high as possible is worth it.


How Does a Good Credit Score Lower the Monthly Mortgage Payment?


When you buy a home, you find a lender that will offer you a loan for your house. Many times, people enter into a 30-year mortgage agreement. The monthly mortgage payment is calculated using the interest rate for which you qualify. If your credit is bad, then you will have higher interest costs. If you have a good credit score, then your interest payment will be lower.

This is so important because the lower your interest costs are, the more money you’re actually paying back into your house. And you can afford higher-priced homes if your monthly payments are lower due to lower interest.


How to Build Credit Before Buying a Home


Make All Mortgage Payments On Time

A regular history of making regular payments on your debts will increase your credit score.


Put All Extra Money Toward Paying Down Credit Card Debts

Paying down high balance loans, especially those with higher interest rates, will increase your credit score.


Stop Spending Money On Credit Cards

If you don’t have the money to buy something, save up for it and wait to pay for it in cash. As you are building your credit, it’s essential to focus on paying down the existing credit and avoiding new debt.


Meet With A Credit Repair Lawyer To Eliminate Errors On Your Credit Report


If you are looking to buy a home in the near future, do not hesitate to meet with our team for credit repair services. You want to go into your home-owning venture with the best credit possible. Credit report errors are common, but you can take action to make sure no errors are lowering your credit score. Schedule your first appointment with us and you will receive a free review of your credit report.


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