Paying for credit repair today is like paying for internet service at a coffee shop.  There is no need to pay for it any longer.  Our law firm will draft up to 3 dispute letters for you, for free. There are 3 credit bureaus and we will dispute anything on your credit report for which we have a legally viable theory to dispute, for free.

You want legally viable dispute letters.  These are the only ones that work.

Credit repair companies are notorious for drafting baseless disputes with the credit bureaus.  Because credit bureaus and creditors have 30 days within which to review your dispute and decide whether the tradeline is accurate, they flood the credit bureaus with dispute letters.  Most of the time these disputes are baseless.  Some credit repair companies will dispute everything negative on your credit report irrespective of whether you have a good faith basis for doing so.  Other times, they will simply deny that the debt belongs to you.  Either way, the credit bureaus cannot evaluate these disputes within 30 days so they remove the tradeline from your credit report.  But guess what?  When they do get around to reviewing these disputes, they put that negative item right back on it.

We only draft disputes for which we have a good faith basis to deny the accuracy or legitimacy of a tradeline or collection item.  Believe us when we tell you that there is no shortage of ways to find and dispute incorrectly negative items on your credit report.

Your credit report probably has negative items on it that don’t belong there.

One study has shown that up to 80% of all credit reports have errors and mistakes on them.  Half of these errors can depress your credit score.  Unless you read credit reports for a living as we do, chances are excellent that there are negative items on your credit report that don’t belong on it.

How we get paid

We don’t make money sending dispute letters out on your behalf.  If we can fix your credit report without filing a lawsuit, then your credit reports will have been fixed for free.  We make money when we dispute negative items that are legally viable basis and the credit bureaus do not update or delete the items.  We then sue them and the creditor for damages on your behalf.  This process also does not cost you anything out of pocket.  We only look for the payment of our fees from the settlements that we obtain on your behalf.  If we are unable to get any settlements, then we don’t get paid.  No one is happy if that happens.  However, we have a good track record of finding items on credit reports that have a legally viable claim for update and removal.  Again, it costs you nothing out of pocket to hire and use us.

Don’t the Credit Bureaus do as you say because you are lawyers?

No, it does not work like that.  However, because we do let them know that we are representing you, they do take your dispute letters much more seriously than those that come from credit repair companies or off the internet. We don’t always see eye to eye with the credit bureaus or the creditors concerning what constitutes false reporting.  But when we sue and settle with them, we make every effort to get the negative item removed from your credit report as part of the settlement along with a payment for attorneys fees and costs and damages to you.

          Free and legitimate credit repair is now available.

Attorney Gary NitzkinIf you are trying to legitimately clean up your credit report from inaccurately reporting information, you should contact us at Michigan Consumer Credit Lawyers.  We have been fixing credit reports since 2008.  Visit us at Michigan Consumer Credit Lawyers at or call us at (248) 353-2882or email us at [email protected].  We are happy to look at your credit reports for free and give you our opinion as to how we can help.

Join our 3 for Free program and we will send out up to 3 dispute letters for you for free.  You can also join our Auto Pilot program and we will pull your credit reports for free every two months to make sure that they stay free of inaccurately reporting information.  Contact us today for your free, no obligation consultation.

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