We Provide Debt Settlement Services In Michigan


Now that we are coming out of the pandemic, many people are going back to work, which is great news. Unfortunately, many people have been unemployed for months and racked up thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid consumer debt. Our team wants to pitch in and help consumers and those who have suffered from the pandemic get back on their feet.

The first step to getting the right help is to give us your free Credit Karma credit reports so that we can do a thorough review – for free! After reviewing them, we can determine whether or not we can help you remove the negative items on the report at no out-of-pocket charge to you! For the debts that you owe, we can put a list of them together and for just 15% of that balance, payable over 6 months, we will settle your debts for you.


Expert Credit Attorneys Now Provide Debt Settlement Services In Southfield, MI


What Makes Our Debt Settlement Services Different?


We Look For Opportunities To Fix Your Credit

Our Michigan credit repair lawyers can not only settle your debts, but we will analyze your reports in order to find an opportunity to remove inaccurately reported, negative information. In some instances, we are able to file a lawsuit to remove the inaccurate information and sometimes even collect financial compensation for our clients. On numerous occasions, we’ve been able to obtain damages of $1,000 or more for our clients.


Free Enrollment In Our Auto Pilot Program

Give us your Credit Karma credentials, and we’ll do a thorough, frequent review of your credit reports every two months to ascertain any developing circumstances that allows us to remove negative items from your report. With continual monitoring, we can keep your credit in the best shape possible.


We Attempt To Get Negative Items Removed From Your Credit Report

Even though we are happy to negotiate your debts on your behalf, it will always be our goal to make deletion of the negative items on your credit report a settlement term. It’s an essential factor that some creditors and debt collectors will agree to, but others may not. Until we try, we will never know who will agree to remove a collection item or tradeline altogether until we try.


Quicker Resolution Of Your Debts

As soon as we make a deal with a creditor, it is your duty to begin honoring the payments with them. There is no waiting period for us or anyone else to start paying on the lower balance. You are able to do this yourself, and it is a much simpler and more seamless way to handle creditor debt.


The Country Is Getting Back On Its Feet After The Pandemic & You Should Too


With the resources provided for today’s consumers, there is no reason to be drowning in debt. We understand that things happen. Life happens to everyone. If you are in over your head, let us throw you a life line and help you with our top-rated Michigan credit repair services. Our program is designed to not only get you out of debt, but clean up your credit report and get you back on your financial feet.

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