Michigan’s Experienced Credit Repair Lawyers Explain Everything About Credit Dispute Letters


If you do not regularly take a look at your credit report, you may be shocked to find that you have credit report errors that decrease your overall credit score. There are many free credit report services to view an annual credit report and review it for accuracy. If you do find credit report errors, act as quickly as possible to get the mistake eliminated from your credit report.

This is where dispute letters come in. There are common errors on a credit report that can be taken care of by writing a dispute letter to fight the charge.


Expert Credit Attorney Explaining The Importance Of Credit Dispute Letters To Fix Credit Report Errors In Southfield, MI


Common Credit Report Errors

Take a look at some frequent errors that show up on your credit report and bring your credit score down:

  • Charges not falling off after they’ve expired or after you filed for bankruptcy
  • Bankruptcy or foreclosure still showing up on your report after the 7-10 year time limit
  • Charges that were not made by you and were assigned to your account in error
  • Late fees, when the payment schedule was not made clear

    Writing a dispute letter can take some time, but it is necessary to correct your credit report.


    Credit Dispute Letter Basics

    You may have some questions regarding a dispute letter.


    What to Write in a Credit Dispute Letter?

    A dispute letter should consist of your information with your credit report account number. You should also have a printed copy of the credit report with the error highlighted. Briefly explain the mistake. State what you would like them to do (reinvestigate, remove the charge, etc.) Include any documentation that proves the error is wrong. And lastly, include a copy of your ID and proof of address.


    Where should I Send The Dispute Letter?

    Three major credit bureaus are Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. You should send the dispute letter to whichever bureau you used to look at your credit report.


    How Long Will it Take to Hear Back From The Credit Bureau?

    Each credit bureau has an obligation to investigate the dispute letter within 30 days and give a judgment on the letter and close the case within 90 days. You will not have to wait forever for your answer, but even 90 days may seem like a long time if you are waiting to purchase your first home or get better interest rates for a loan.


    Once you have written your dispute letter, make sure you have included all of the information you need before sending it out. It may take some back and forth with the credit bureau before receiving your final answer on the dispute. Do not give up on correcting an error that you know is wrong. If you reach a dead-end, contact a credit repair lawyer.


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