Michigan Consumer Credit Lawyer is able to assist with identity theft, collector harassment and many other common credit issues

Our Core Values

At MCCL, we value the environment. Since our office went paperless in 2008, our consumption of paper has decreased by 90%.

We leverage technology to provide our services to our clients as quickly and unobtrusively into their lives as possible.

the-team-at-michigan-consumer-credit-lawyers-with-gary-nitzkinWe support our team members by paying 100% of their health insurance covering their health needs and those of their families.

Our firm values a team approach to helping our clients solve their credit issues. We have firm meetings every two weeks to discuss our clients and their cases. We make sure that every client gets our full measure of attention and work.

We promote the quality of credit life for our current and past clients through continued credit education and support. We are always here to listen and advise.

We support the defenders of our country by providing pro bono legal services. We respect and honor their sacrifices for us.

It’s not about the money….it’s about your satisfaction.

If you need a lawyer with integrity to represent you, call Gary Nitzkin, toll free at: (248) 353-2882 The call is free and the advice is priceless. You can also email him at [email protected]