Many Michigan residents have credit cards with Chase.  Its also known as JP Morgan Chase.  Whatever you call it, it has a large presence in our state.  Credit card disputes with Chase and most other banks is at an all-time high thanks to identity theft and online shopping.  When you find fraudulent charges on your credit card account that you want to chargeback to Chase, here are the steps to take.

Chase Chargeback – Steps to follows

Get a copy of your monthly statements that contain the fraudulent charges.

The closing date on the statement starts the 60 day clock ticking for when you can send a written dispute as to the charges you want to dispute.  Yes, you only have 60 days to send a written dispute to Chase starting with the date of the credit card statement on which these charges appear.

Send a written letter to Chase.

I know this is really old school, but the law that protects you, the Fair Credit Billing Act, requires that you submit your dispute in writing.  Be careful because most banks encourage you to call them to report fraudulent charges, but the call alone, does not protect you.  You can call Chase to dispute credit card charges, but just be certain to follow it up with a written dispute.

Be sure that Chase sends you an acknowledgement of your dispute.

The Fair Credit Billing Act requires the bank to acknowledge your dispute in writing.  This is your proof that the bank received your dispute.  If you don’t receive an acknowledgment from Chase within 1 week of your dispute, call and ask them to email you a dispute.  This is very important because many times, a bank will deny ever receiving a dispute.

 During its investigation into your chargeback, Chase is required to give you a temporary credit for the fraudulent credit card charges.  Check your online account to be certain that Chase gave you this temporary credit.  Moreover, during its investigation, Chase is not allowed to charge you interest, late fees or make any attempt to collect this debt.  It is also not allowed to report you as late to the credit bureaus.

Keep an eye out for the bank’s written decision.

Chase must respond to your credit card dispute within 60 days or 2 billing cycles, whichever is longer.  It must also provide you with its decision in writing.  If you do not receive this billing decision, call the bank and ask for it to be emailed to you.


What should you do if Chase declines your Dispute to your credit card account.

The short answer is to hire us at Michigan Consumer Credit Lawyers because we will not charge you any fees or costs out of pocket.  Under the Fair Credit Billing Act, you are entitled to your costs and attorneys fees in any successful action.   The vast majority of these cases settle pretty quickly because the bank has to pay its attorneys and yours in these kinds of cases.

Don’t be surprised if Chase declines your dispute to the fraudulent charges.       Many banks decline consumers credit card disputes.  They don’t care who pays their bill so long as it gets paid.  You have a very short 1 year time period within which to sue the bank to remove the disputed charges.


You don’t have to be a victim of credit card fraud.

Under the law, you can hire a law firm to handle this matter for you at no out

of pocket charge to you.  A Consumer Rights law firm such as ours, will help you at no out pocket charge to you.  This way, it does not matter how small the dispute is, we can help you.  If you do nothing in response to the bank declining your dispute, you will be responsible for paying these fraudulent charges.  That is just not fair.  You can choose to not be a victim of fraudulent credit card charges as soon as you call us.

 Our help costs you nothing out of pocket

If you have fraudulent charges on your credit card statement, visit us Michigan Consumer Credit Lawyers for more information  We have been helping consumers with credit issues since 2008.  Call us at (248) 353-2882 or email us at [email protected] when you are ready to fight back.  We are happy to help you through the maze of disputing your credit card issues all at no out of pocket charge to you.   Contact us today for your free, no obligation consultation.