We handle a loWhy Is My Bankruptcy Discharge Not Getting Me The Fresh Start I Was Promised?t of credit card disputes in our law practice.  Why?  Because we not only have an excellent track record for our clients, but we typically get the bank to pay damages to our clients along with our fees.  Our clients pay nothing out of pocket for our services.  OK Enough of that.

Of all the banks that we sue for credit card disputes, Citibank is amongst the worst to deal with.  They routinely deny credit card disputes, even for their customers who are victims of identity theft, fraud and sleazy merchants.  Citibank routinely states “Your credit card has a chip in it and so, you must have been physically present for the transaction.”  This is crap!  Most credit cards today have computer chips in them, but that does not mean that the consumer was physically present when he was defrauded.

Even when the credit card was shown to be used in several places at once, the Citibank is still convinced that you were there.

We had a client who went to the gym one sunny day.  While he was working out, someone used his Citibank card at 3 different stores at just about the same time.  These stores were all approximately 15 minutes away from one another.  Did that convince Citi that our client was working on his biceps and not buying stuff?  Not a chance.  They fought us the entire way and just before trial, they settled.  Citibank ended up paying our client, crediting his account for the fraudulent charges and paying our fees.  If we did not file a lawsuit, Citibank would have made our client pay those fraudulent charges.

We had another client with a very similar situation.  He was at work while an identity thief was charging items to his Citibank card.  Even though we have proof that all of these charges were made at the same time in two different locations, Citibank’s witness testified at deposition that he did not know if it was possible for a human being to be physically in two places at the same time. You see, when you have a Citibank credit card, you can defy the laws of nature while they simply try to defy the law.

Citizens Bank is now denying charges, too

Now, it appears that Citizens Bank is jumping on the band wagon, denying credit card disputes because the card contains a chip in it.  We had a client who never charged anything at certain locations because of his philosophical convictions.  His credit history is great as is his long time handling of his Citizen’s account.  Citizens cited the credit card chip theory to him and asked him to pay over $13,000 in charges that are clearly not his.  We are going fix that for him at no out of pocket charge to him.  In the meantime, here is an article about the CFPB fining Citizens $9 million for screwing consumers on their credit card disputes.

Don’t get stuck paying charges that don’t belong to you.  Call us today.

Call our law firm at Credit Repair Lawyers of America at (248) 353-2882.  We have attorneys in ten states that can help you with your credit card disputes at no out of pocket charge to you. You work too hard for your money and should not get stuck paying charges that are not yours.  You can also email us at [email protected].  Call  or email us today.

Attorney Gary Nitzkin

Attorney Gary Nitzkin

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