Michigan residents have been victimized by identity theft as much as anyone else in the United States. Identity theft across our state continues to grow. Identity thieves have been stealing peoples’ personal information at an alarming rate. If you have been a victim of identity theft in Michigan, it’s difficult to find an identity theft lawyer. Most identity theft attorneys are defense attorneys who protect the rights of the dirtbags that took stole your identity in the first place. Your best bet is to search for a an identity theft lawyer who helps victims. If you found this blog post and this website, you are in the right place if you are a Michigan resident who has been victimized by identity theft.


Your identity theft lawyer should not charge you anything out of pocket.

For most people, their first question is “How much is an identity theft lawyer going to cost me?” The short answer is that an experienced identity theft lawyer should not cost you anything out of your pocket. There are two major federal consumer laws to help you and both allow you to recover your fees and costs from the defendants. The Fair Credit Reporting Act protects your rights to clean your credit report. The Fair Credit Billing Act protects your rights to remove fraudulent charges from your credit card account. Both of these laws have fee shifting provisions. You are entitled to recover your costs and attorneys’ fees in any successful action. When your attorney settles your case with any defendant, he or she should settle for an amount of money that provides you with damages and that allows for his or her fees and costs to be paid.

An experienced identity theft lawyer will:
A. first speak with you about what your case is worth and work towards that objective;
B. know how much he or she has incurred in fees and costs and give you an idea how much you can expect to receive from your case;
C. will have been through enough cases to select a case with good facts, although nothing is ever guaranteed. A case with good facts, however, is easier to predict outcomes with.

An good identity theft lawyer will walk you through the process and handle it for you after you get a police report.

Being the victim of identity theft is no different than being victimized by any other crime. An experienced identity theft lawyer will explain the process to you and advise you to the steps you should take immediately upon discovering that your identity has been stolen. The process should the no longer be daunting as you should understand how it works. These days, it’s not a matter of “if” your identity will be stolen, but more a matter of “when.”

For our clients who are victims of identity theft, we have a 1-2-3 process. After the 3rd step, we handle everything from there.

Step 1 – Collect all of your credit reports. Go online or call each of the three major credit bureaus and advise that you have been the victim of identity theft.

Step 2 – Review each report and identity every bit of information that does not belong to you. Review the identifying information carefully such as variations of your name that you have never used, addresses at which you have never lived. Review this information as carefully as the tradelines that are listed on your credit report. Circle everything that does not belong to you. Be sure to also look at the creditors who have pulled your credit report recently. Its important to note each of these credit pulls reduces your credit score.

Step 3 – Get a police report. Sometimes, police departments may be less than helpful to you so you have to be persistent. In your police report, identify every bit of information that does not belong to you.

Once you get your credit reports and the police report, give them to us. We ARE experience identity theft lawyers that help victims. We will take it from there. We will then take these steps at no out of pocket charge to you:

a. Write the correct dispute letters for you to the credit bureaus.
b. Send the letters by certified mail to the credit bureaus to be sure that they receive them;
c. Follow up with you to be sure that the credit bureaus respond to our dispute letters;
d. File a lawsuit against each credit bureau and lender that fails or refuses to remove the bogus information from your credit report.

We will see this project through to the end and none of it will cost you anything out of pocket. This is what makes us experienced identity theft lawyers.

You can choose to stop being a victim of identity theft right now.

By doing nothing in response to your identity theft, you will be stuck paying fraudulent charges. This is just unfair and plain wrong. Stop being a victim today. Call us at the Michigan Consumer Credit Lawyers. Time is not on your side. The longer you wait to have fraudulent items removed from your credit report, the less likely the credit bureaus and the lenders will be cooperative with you.

Our help costs you nothing out of pocket

If you have fraudulent charges on your credit card statement, call or email us at the Michigan Consumer Credit Lawyers. We have been helping consumers with credit issues since 2008. Visit us at www.micreditlawyer.com for more information. You can call us at (248) 353-2882 or email us at [email protected] for a free, no obligation consultation. Learn your rights as a identity theft victim. We are happy to help you through the maze of disputing your credit card issues all at no out of pocket charge to you. Contact us today for your free, no obligation consultation.

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