Your credit score is not just important when you want to buy things on credit. It may also be relevant when you apply for a job. Did you know that prospective employers may have a right to pull your credit report when you interview for a job? Of course, under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the employer must get your permission before pulling your credit report. However, if you are interviewing for a new job, your prospective employer may want to see your FICO score. In fact 17% of employers pull credit reports on job candidates.
Some employers check every job candidate’s credit score, even for those positions that do not involving handling credit. Some employment lawyers believe that this is a mistake because such a policy could result in an employer rejecting certain minorities disproportionately. Why, for example, would a company want to see the credit report of someone applying for a receptionist position? The EEOC is keeping a close eye on these cases.
Unfortunately, in the poor state of our economy, many people are in bad shape, financially. They need a job to improve their credit score but their credit score is preventing them from getting a job.
Your ability to find a job is another major reason why you should pull and review your own credit report at least once a year.

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