Erie lawyer Larry D’Ambrosio is accused of orchestrating false hearings hearings held in the mock courtroom to deceive and bully debtors into paying debts. He, along with a collection agency called Unicredit America, Inc. allegedly set up a fake court room in their offices, had people dressed as court officers go out and serve subpoenas directing people to show up to the fake court room. The Pennsylvania Attorney General has, thankfully, shut these operations down and is now seeking an order to close the collection agency.
These actions of Mr. D’Ambrosio and Unicredit, if true, are egregious violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (“FDCPA”). The FDCPA gives consumers rights to be treated fairly, honestly and with respect. I would like to say that what D’Ambrosio and Unicredit have done were isolated incidents, but they are not. Antics such as hiring people to dress up as police officers to serve documents or debt collectors posing as police officers or prosecutors is nothing new in this industry. Its not only wrong, its illegal.

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