Your Problem: You have errors on your credit report. Most errors on credit reports are not good ones. Over 80% of credit reports contain errors and most of those are serious enough to depress one’s credit score.

Your Solution: Send a notice of dispute to the credit reporting agencies such as Experian, Trans Union and Equifax. Give them as much information as you can about the reason why they are reporting information that is not accurately reflected on your credit report. For example, the debt that they are reporting may not belong to you or you may be the victim of identity theft.

Under the law, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Congress has charged YOU with the responsibility of making sure that your credit report is accurate. You are not entitled to file any lawsuit or take any action, at all, against any credit reporting agency until you notify it of the problem. While you can send your dispute letter to the credit reporting agency on line, I suggest that you do it the old fashioned way; by mail. Even better for you it to send your dispute letter by certified mail, return receipt requested. This way, you have proof that you sent the dispute to the credit reporting agency.

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