OK, so every now and then a runaway verdict makes headlines.  In this case, Time Warner cable is required to pay $230,000 to a consumer for making 153 robocalls to him.  This may be one such case or, may be not.

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) is a statute that is designed to stop companies from using automated telephone equipment from calling you on your cellphone f it does not have a preexisting relationship with your or your permission.  This law is aimed at keeping telemarketers and debt collection agencies.  The law stops telemarketer calls, auto dialed calls, pre-recorded messages text messages and unsolicited faxes.

In  King v Time Warner Cable, U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York, No. 14-02018, Ms. King had told Time Warner to stop calling her.  She had made it clear that she was not the person that Time Warner was seeking.  Even after a long discussion with a representative, Time Warner had called her 153 times.  Under the TCPA, a consumer is entitled to $500 per call or $1,500 per call if the consumer can show that the calls were willful.  In this case, King had no problem convincing the judge that the calls were willful as time Warner continued to make an astounding 74 calls to her even after she had sued it.

MORAL OF THE STORY – Big companies sometimes do bad things to average people like  you and me.  When they steamroll over your rights, fight back!  Ms. King did and earned damages of $229,500!

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