More specifically, they are called Nationwide Specialty Consumer Reporting Agencies. These credit reporting agencies collect certain information about you that they sell to particular users. For example, did you know that these agencies collect information about you such as your:
medical condition and history
prescription drug history
residential or tenant history
Check writing history
Insurance claims that you filed
Insurance coverage for which you had previously applied.
While everyone has heard of Trans Union, Equifax and Experian, (“the Big 3”) very few people have heard of these other specialized consumer credit reporting agencies. Unless you get turned down for something such as insurance coverage, an apartment or a bank account, you will probably never know that these specialty credit reporting agencies are talking about you.
These specialty credit reporting agencies are governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, just like the big 3. If you apply for an apartment, insurance or a job (or anything else for personal, family or household use) and the credit grantor uses one of these specialty reports in connection with turning your application down, you are entitled to get a copy of that report. What’s more, the FCRA gives you rights to dispute inaccurate items in that report and the right to have that credit reporting agency conduct an investigation into your dispute.
Here are some of the specialty credit reporting agencies that you should know about:
Medical Information Bureau – This nationwide specialty consumer reporting agency compiles information related to life, health, long term care and disability insurance. If you have no significant health issues, then you may not have a file with this credit reporting agency. You can contact MIB at (866) 692-6901.
Intelliscript and MedPoint report your prescription drug histories to insurance companies. They provide reports in connection with life, health or disability insurance. MedPoint can be reached at (888) 206-0338. Intelliscript is at (877) 211-4816,
LexisNexis Screening Solutions Resident history Report contains information related to your history as a tenant. It can be reached at (877) 448-5732. Note that there is a large number of tenant screening companies in the market these days. If you get turned down for an apartment, its very important that you immediately demand from the apartment manager the name and contact information of the company that it used in connection with your tenant history report.
ChexSystems is a nationwide specialty consumer reporting agency that maintains information from member financial institutions about your history regarding bounced checks and overdrawn accounts. It can be reached at (800) 428-9623. I was surprised to learn that many banks are now obtaining consumer credit reports from the Big 3 before they will open a bank account for you.
Employment Screening – Just like tenant history screening companies, there is a large number of employment screening companies. You should note that before an employer or a prospective employer can pull your credit report, it must get your permission in a signed document that is separate from the employment application.
These are just a few of the many specialty credit reporting agencies that exist. They are all talking about you and hence, in many ways, they can affect what you pay for rent, health insurance, auto insurance and whether a bank will allow you to open an account at its branch. Just like your credit report with the Big 3, you should be vigilant about these specialties credit reporting agencies are saying about you and get any errors fixed as soon as they come to your attention.

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