An approximate 80 percent of the population have damaged reports. About 40 percent of the population has a lower credit score due to inaccurate information on their credit reports. This inaccurate information happens for several reasons, but the root of these reportings are all too common. AZ Credit Lawyers provides their services for free to the public because they make the bad guys pay. They seek to repair people’s credit from a legal perspective, and they go after lenders and people who damage your credit report to pay their fees and costs.

There are several people who place inaccurate information on credit reports. Identity theft is the most common cause of inaccurate information on a credit report. However, there are many other types of inaccurate information that can appear on a credit report. Inaccurate information can appear on your credit report if you and other family members have similar names. Lenders, at times, provide inaccurate or incomplete information, which causes issues on a credit report. For instance, they might report a foreclosure on a credit report when the home was sold short sale. A foreclosure implies the homeowner walked away from an obligation when the other represents an attempt to rectify the situation. Other entities who can report inaccurate information are banks. There are several other instances of inaccurate information being placed on credit reports.

AZ Credit Lawyers assists the public from a legal perspective to help raise credit scores. To properly dispute something on a credit report, a letter disputing the information has to be done accurately. Many times, people do no including enough identification or other pertinent information to have the inaccurate information on their credit report removed. These disputes are oftentimes perused and then ignored by the receiver who reports that the purported inaccurate information is, indeed, accurate. The AZ Credit Lawyers will write a letter to dispute the inaccurate information for you free of charge. If they remove the information, they are more than happy to have been of service. If they do not remove this inaccurate information, they sue the responsible party. The AZ Credit Lawyers effectively dispute inaccurate information to either have it outright removed or sue the responsible party and, then, have it removed. In addition, there are things that need to happen following a dispute letter, such as ensuring that the credit reporting agency responded within 30 days. They provide these services for free, which allows you to attend to other matters. It’s time to get your credit report where it should be.

AZ Credit Lawyers can be reached by calling 844-467-7300, through their website, or you can contact Attorney Gary Nitzkin at [email protected].