Far and away, the largest volume of calls that I get from frantic consumers is for payday loan collectors. In the hundreds of phone calls that I have received from frantic consumers, I can count on one hand the number of payday loan collectors that were legitimate debt collectors.

The payday loan companies either sell the payday loans or place them with collection companies that are located outside of the United States. These offshore scum companies call consumers at their jobs, their cellphones incessantly, trying to collect money. These foreign pieces of garbage often misrepresent themselves as United States companies. They sometimes misrepresent themselves as lawyers. They have telephone numbers with U.S. area codes (can you say “Skype”?) They threaten consumers with immediate arrest, and frequently lie to the consumers by telling them that they have the sheriff on their way to the consumers’ home. I have taken calls from pregnant woman and elderly people with heart conditions who were distressed by these phone calls.

Here is my advice to you if a collection company calls to collect a payday loan company. Tell them that you are not going to pay them a dime. Tell them that you know that they are outside of the United States and that there is not a damn thing that they can do to you. If they say that the sheriff is en route to arrest you, tell them that you are making coffee because the sheriff is your brother in law and its been a long time since you two have sat and chatted. Like bad dreams, if you face the boogey man and tell him that he has no power, he disappears.

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