From the place called “Consumer Abuse by crooked debt collectors” comes a story about a guy who ran his collection agency from the comfort of his jail cell.

Lamont Cooper, 38, imprisoned in October 2009 for violating the terms of his release on a drug conviction, continued to operate a business called Legal Action Recovery while in New York’s Batavia Detention Facility. He company ran a collection agency where the collectors pretended to be law enforcement officials while threatening and intimidating consumers into paying over $1,000,000 to his company is a several month span of time.
Mr. Cooper is not the only person who runs a sleazy collection agency in an illegal fashion. Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, you have rights as a consumer such as to be treated fairly and with respect. That is essentially what this statute is all about. You would be amazed at how often collection agencies such as Mr. Coopers pull these antics. This story is a reminder to all consumers that:
1. Just because someone accuses you of owing money, that does not mean that you do;
2. you have a right to demand verification of any debt that you are accused of owing, under the FDCPA. Exercise your rights by demanding that verification. Visit our website at for more information on how you can enforce your rights, including the right to demand verification. We also have sample forms that are free for you to use.

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