I have written about this before, but I do so again because of the sheer number of calls that I am receiving from panic stricken people. I frequently get calls from people who had just hung up with a debt collector that threatened to send the police or sheriff to their front door unless they pay money over the phone immediately. You need to know that if you ever encounter someone like this on the phone, the call is most likely from a fake debt collector.

The PAYDAY LOAN INDUSTRY has apparently made a practice of sending their debts to companies outside of the United States. These offshore companies do not recognize the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). They are working outside of the United States so there is nothing that the Federal Trade Commission can do against these phone thugs. Still, your best defense is a bit of knowledge. Whenever someone makes a threat of law enforcement you must know that the debt collector is simply someone trying to scam you.
If you get a call from one of these clowns, do not pay them a dime. Do not give them any information about yourself. Simply tell them that you know that they are jokes and that there is nothing that they can do to you. Then call me, Attorney Gary Nitzkin. We need to then find out what Payday Loan company you went to and then we nail that company here in the United States. I dont intend this post as an informercial; I just hate the Payday Loan industry for the sleazier turn that it has taken for the worse by sending its debts off shore to these bums who have no compunction against bulling consumers.

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