As a consumer rights attorney, I am frequently challenged by the number of people who think that they alone have been harassed by debt collectors. I think it would be fair to say that debt collection harassment is at epidemic levels. If you’ve been harassed by a debt collector I assure you that you’re not alone.

I found this article on the news regarding Allen Jones of Lewisville Texas was harassed by a company called advanced call center technologies. This is what they said to him:

In one voicemail message, a collector suggested that Jones “go pick some m*****f****** cotton fields,” according to recordings provided by Jones’ lawyers.

It’s disgusting how far debt collectors will go to bully harass and intimidate consumers. In my experience, that collectors are frequently consumers who own money on the other side of the telephone.

In today’s society is no reason for you not to know your rights. If you’ve been harassed and bullied or intimidated by a debt collector you need to take action immediately. A good consumer rights attorney can stop the calls and get you paid. Mr. Jones’s case won him over one and a half million dollars.

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