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In a classic David v Goliath case, Mr. and Mrs. Spanovich sued BMO Harris Bank over a debt that was not their obligation.  Despite having sent dispute letters to Experian, Equifax and Trans Union informing them that they no longer owed a debt to BMO, Plaintiffs alleged that BMO continued to report the debt on their credit reports.  This had caused untold aggravation to the Spanovichs, both emotionally and financially.

BMO defended against the action stating in its Answer, amongst other things,  “Any alleged damages to Plaintiffs, which BMO continues to deny, were caused in whole or in part by an intervening or superseding cause.”

Recently, the Spanovichs settled their case with all of the Defendants, including BMO Harris, to their satisfaction.  We were proud to have been the Spanovich’s attorneys to this amicable resolution.

If you have items on your credit report that are incorrect, call or email us at Michigan Consumer Credit Lawyers.  Contact Attorney Gary Nitzkin by email or at (248) 353-2882.  We fix your credit and it won’ cost you a dime since we make the defendants pay our fees and costs.