Accretive Health has been in the news for months now regarding their abusive and illegal debt collection practices in hospitals nationwide. Today we are celebrating the excellent news about the result of the Minnesota Attorney General’s investigation of Accretive Health.

Accretive Health is one of the nation’s largest collectors of medical debt. In response to the investigation, they have agreed to pay a whopping $2.5 million to settle accusations it violated federal law. Accretive is also barred from contracting with MN hospitals for at least 2 years, and will need permission from the attorney general for 4 years after that to even be considered for a hospital contract.

In an interview, Attorney General Swanson said:

“a hospital emergency room should be a sanctuary for the sick and wounded, not a hunting ground for collectors.”

The scenarios in Minnesota have had widespread attention across the country because they raise concerns that such aggressive tactics have become commonplace at hospitals. Accretive Health contracts with some of the largest hospital systems in the country including Henry Ford, St. John’s Providence and Beaumont here in Michigan.

Here at Michigan Consumer Credit Lawyers, we were recently successful in suing Accretive Health for a client. Accretive had harassed our client’s minor 15 year old child in an attempt to collect a debt that wasn’t even owed. The harassment lasted over 2 years. We were able to stop the calls, get our client paid damages and all of our services were free. In a recent letter from this grateful client, she stated,

Michigan Consumer Credit Lawyers made everything very simple for me. Until I spoke to them, I had no idea how easy the process was.”

You should know, consumers have laws to protect them. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or FDCPA allows consumers to hire lawyers who can sue debt collectors for violating the law. These lawsuits cost you nothing.

At Michigan Consumer Credit Lawyers, we fight the debt collectors that wish to harass and intimidate consumers, and we do it all for FREE. We make them stop the harassing calls immediately and get you paid for damages. The consumer walks away with a measure of justice and a check from the debt collector.

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