Look, just because its a law firm or a group of lawyers, does not mean that they will not promise you something that it cannot deliver. Personally, I believe that promising results that are not realistic does a great disservice to the client. Nevertheless, this happens from time to time.
The West Virgina Attorney General is attempting to bar Credit Collections Defense Network (“CCDN”), an association of lawyers, from practicing in West Virginia. According to the AG’s office, this lawyer group solicits people who are being sued for debt and “helps” them by promising a debt elimination plan that allows their clients to walk away from their obligations. Apparently, CCDN’s efforts are not only failing to work, but they are leaving their clients’ credit reports in even worse shape than before they got involved.
The group’s tactics include providing form-letter answers to debt collection lawsuits and encouraging consumers to claim that they never borrowed the money from the credit card companies.
CCDN holds itself out as a debt settlement company. There are many such companies popping up like daisies in the Spring, given the burgeoning debt that consumers are carrying.
My best advice – If you need your debt restructured, I would highly recommend the non profit group Greenpath Financial. They have been around for almost 50 years. I have referred numerous clients to this organization and no one has been dissatisfied. If you choose to work with another debt settlement company, find out how long it has been in business and try to get a sense of its track record.