We have sued the following debt collectors for violating our clients’ rights (Bold means we have successfully sued them more than once):

Collection Law Firms:

Berndt & Associates

Blatt, Hasenmiller, Liebsker, & Moore, LLC *

Brachfeld Law Group, P.C.

Donald Conrad, P.C.

Evans Law Associates, P.C.

Fishman Group

Fulton Friedman and Gullace *

G. Reynolds Sims & Associates, P.C.

Gray and Gray

J.A. Cambece Law Office, P.C.

Joe Pezzuto, LLC

Leikin Ingber and Winters *

Mary Jane Elliott, P.C. *

McGraw Law Firm, PLC

Michael R. Stillman, P.C. *

Roosen, Varchetti & Olivier, PLLC

Scott Ausilio, P.C.

Shermeta Adams and Von Allmen *

Stenger and Stenger *

Susan Addison Blush, PLC a/k/a Kentwood Law Group *

Sutariya Law Offices, P.C.

Timothy E. Baxter & Associates, P.C. *

Underwood Law Firm

Weber & Olcese *

Weltman Weinberg and Reis

Zwicker & Associates, P.C.

Banks, Credit Unions and Mortgage Companies:

21st Mortgage Corporation Ally Financial

Applied Bank

Aspen National Financial, Inc.

Astera Credit Union

Bank of America

Bay Area Credit Service, LLC

Bayview Loan Servicing

Capital One Bank

Capital One Bank USA NA

Capital One Services, Inc.

Citi Financial, Inc

Citigroup, Inc.

Credit One Bank, N.A.

Communicating Arts Credit Union

First Premier Bank

Ford Motor Credit Company, LLC

GE Capital Retail Bank

Green Tree Servicing, LLC

JPMorgan Chase

Merrick Bank Corporation

Motor City Co-Op Credit Union

Nationstar Mortgage, LLC

U.S. Bank

Wells Fargo Dealer Service, Inc

Credit Reporting Agencies:

Equifax Information Services, LLC

Experian Information Solutions, Inc.

Trans Union, LLC

Student Loan Debt Collectors:

Eastern Revenue, Inc.

Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation

Pioneer Credit Recovery, Inc.

Educational Credit Management Corporation

Pinnacle Financial Group, Inc.

Pinnacle Recovery, Inc.

Sallie Mae, Inc.

Debt Buyers:

Asset Acceptance, LLC

Goldman Roth Acquisitions, LLC

Hirshberg Acceptance

Midland Credit Management

NCO Financial Systems, Inc.

Palisades Collection, LLC

Portfolio Recovery Associates, Inc.

Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC

Santander Consumer U.S.A., Inc

Collection Agencies:

Accelerated Financial Solutions, LLC

Account Services Collections, Inc.

Accretive Health, Inc. a/k/a Medical Financial Solutions

Advanced Recovery Group, Inc.

AIH Receivable Management Services, Inc.

Alliance Asset Management, Inc.

Alliance One Receivables Management, Inc.

Allied International Credit Corp (US)

Allied Interstate, Inc.

AMO Recoveries

AmerAssist A/R Solution, Inc.

American Collateral Recovery Group

American Coradius, International, LLC

American Profit Recovery, Inc.

Amsher Collection Service, Inc.

Auto Trakk, LLC

Avante USA Limited Partnership

Buckeye Credit Solutions, LLC d/b/a Check Smart

Capital Management Services, LP

Cach, LLC

Cavalry Portfolio Services, LLC

Client Services, Inc.

CollectCorp Corporation

Commercial Recovery Systems, Inc

Collection Agencies con’t:

Consumer Portfolio Services, Inc.

Convergent Outsourcing, Inc.

Credit Bureau Systems a/k/a CMB Credit Services, Inc.

Credit Control, LLC

Credit Management, Limited Partnership

Creditors Financial Group, LLC

Creditors Interchange Receivable Management, LLC

Debt Management, Inc. a/k/a Capital Recovery Systems

Delbert Services Corp.

Diversified Collection Services, Inc.

Dyck O’Neal, Inc.

Dynamic Recovery Services, LLC

Emergency Medicine Billing & Coding Company

Enhanced Recovery Company

Enterprise Recovery Systems, Inc.

Enterprise United Partners, Inc.

EOS d/b/a Collecto


ER Solutions, Inc.

Financial Credit Services, Inc a/k/a Asset Recovery Associates

Financial Management Services, Inc.

First Credit Services, Inc. a/k/a Accounts Receivable Service

First Source Advantage, LLC

FMS Investment Corp a/k/a Financial Management Systems

Frontline Asset Strategies

GC Services Limited Partnership

Genesee Valley Associates, Inc.

Global Acceptance Credit Company, LP

Global Credit and Collection Corporation

Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group, LLC

Hillcrest Davidson & Associates, LLC

Hunter Warfield, Inc.

I.C. System, Inc

I.Q. Data International, Inc.

J.J. Marshall

Image Receivables Management, LLC

Imperial Recovery Partners, LLC

Integrity Financial Partners, Inc.

Integrity Solutions, Inc.

IPC of Nevada, Inc.

LCS Financial Services Corporation

Leading Edge Recovery Solutions, LLC

L J Ross

LTD Financial Services, LP

LTS Management Service, LLC

M.R.S. Associates, Inc.


Mercantile Adjustment Bureau of New York, LLC

Merchants and Medical Credit Corporation

Monarch Recovery Management, Inc.

Money Recovery Nationwide

Municipal Service Bureau

National Credit Adjusters, LLC

National Credit Solutions, LLC

National Credit Systems, Inc.

National Enterprise Systems, Inc.

Nations Recovery Center, Inc.

Nationwide Collection Agencies, Inc d/b/a Money Recovery

Nationwide Credit, Inc.

Nelson, Watson & Associates, LLC

Northstar Location Services

Oliver Adjustment Company a/k/a OAC Collection Specialist

Omega Financial, Inc.

Plaza Associates, Inc. a/k/a Aid Associates

PNC Financial Service Group, Inc

Portfolio Investments Financial, Inc.

Premier Credit of North America, LLC

Premiere Credit of North America, Inc.

Presidio Financial, LLC

Prince-Parker & Associates, Inc

Professional Account Management

Professional Debt Mediation, Inc.

Professional Recovery Services, Inc.

R.M. Galicia, Inc a/k/a Progressive Management

Redline Recovery Services, LLC

Regional Acceptance Corporation

Rent-A-Center East, Inc

Resurgent Capital Service Limited Partnership

Revenue Cycle Solutions, Inc.

Solace Financial, LLC

Southwest Credit Systems, LP

SRA Associates of New Jersey, Inc.

Stellar Recovery, Inc.

Stephens & Michaels Associates, Inc.

Sunrise Credit Services, Inc.

Tate & Kirlin Associates, Inc

The Receivable Management Services Corporation

Trident Financial Network, Inc

United Collection Bureau, Inc.

United Recovery Systems, LP

Universal Credit Services, Inc.

Van Ru Credit Corporation

Vandenberg Chase and Associates, LLC

Viking Collection Service, Inc.

Vision Financial Corp.

Williams & Fudge, Inc

Windham Professionals, Inc.