There is a great article in today’s Wall Street Journal that talks about credit repair companies. While the industry is rife with charlatans, I have come across some credit repair companies that are quite legitimate.
For example, I have recently met the owners of Credit 1 in Pontiac, Michigan. Credit 1 charges one fee for consumers who want Credit 1 to fix their credit. Credit 1 charges a lesser fee to consumers who take Credit 1’s free credit repair classes and learn how to fix their credit. I think this is a great idea. I recently spoke at a Credit 1 class and was very impressed with Credit 1’s methods for credit repair. Credit 1 is a very reputable company whose staff is very dedicated to achieving legitimate results for its clients.
The Wall Street Journal article, unfortunately is like most other articles about credit repair companies. The author excoriates the industry. While the author makes several legitimate points, I think he paints with a rather broad brush. Not all credit repair agencies are illegitimate. I am thankful that I have been given the opportunity to see one such credit repair company that works hard for the benefit of its customers.
If you would like more information about Credit 1 USA, you call Mr. Maurice Taylor at (866) 502-7242.