The ugly threats
This week is the second time that I received a telephone call from someone who had obtained a Payday loan, defaulted and the was illegally threatened by an anonymous collection agency. This agency threatened the people with immediate jail (“I am calling the police now on you for fraud.”) They also all represent themselves as lawyers using the names “Kevin White”, “Dennis Peterson”, and “James Wilson” and left a telephone number of 914-930-3200. They are able to violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act with impunity and get away with it. Why? Because these guys are off shore in the Dominican Republic.
They are not debt collectors. They are thugs.
In the last year, I received two calls from people who have been bullied, threatened and intimidated by these telephone thugs. In both cases, these I spoke with these punks and they all speak with South American accents despite their nice all-American names. Moreover, I have checked the United States federal court’s records and have seen numerous lawsuits filed against these companies and none of them have ever resulted in a judgment due to lack of service of process.

What you can do if you are contacted by these off shore sleazes.

Take heart. Because they are there and you are, presumably, here in the United States, they cannot do anything to you… at all. I have counseled my clients to stand up to these thugs and simply advise them to do whatever it is that they want because my clients know who and what they are. My clients know that these punks can’t do anything from a thousand miles away. If you get a call from one of these guys, and the phone number that they left is 914-930-3200, just laugh at them and let them know that you that they are powerless to do anything to you.

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