How we can help you:

  1. We pay a $400 referral fee for every case that we accept and for which we file a lawsuit.
  2. By referring your clients to us, we make your firm a little stronger as we want to be your “muscle” to help your clients stop debt collectors and fix errors and mistakes on their credit report.

How we can help your clients:

  1. We can get Credit Reporting Issues removed such as:
    1. Mismerge – This is where the credit bureau put credit information on a person’s credit report that does NOT belong to him. For instance, Experian may put John Smith 1’s credit information on John Smith 2’s credit report.   If the John Smith 1 has bad credit and John Smith 2 has good credit, then John Smith 2’s credit score is going to suffer greatly.   This happens a lot between fathers and sons with the same name.
    2. Identity Theft – This is still the fastest growing crime in America. With computers and the internet, it so easy to steal people’s identities.  Enterprising thieves have started posing as tax payers and stealing tax refunds from the IRS.  
    3. Lender errors – Lenders frequently make mistakes such as reporting payments as late when they were not.  Also, they may sometimes fail to report payments made at all.
    4. Public records.  Public records rarely contain enough personal information to make them identifiable to any particular person.  Think about this: judgments usually have the name of the judgment debtor and only his name; not his middle name, address and certainly not his social security number. Hence, anyone with a name like the judgment debtor’s may get someone else’s judgment posted to his credit report.
    5. CRAs retrieving the wrong data about a consumer in a report –  Much like the public records that don’t have enough information to be associated with any particular individual, furnishers sometimes provide incomplete information that cannot be associated with a particular consumer either.  The CRAs keep this information and associate it with more than one person.  This has caused lots of people, a lot of trouble.

We file lawsuits under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”) and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (“FDCPA”). We are Michigan’s largest filer of these lawsuits. These statutes allow us to recover our fees and costs from the Defendant so they cost your client nothing.
Let us help your clients get their credit reports cleaned up so that they are accurate and they can get the fresh start they expect.

Join our Affiliate Marketing Program – It’s a win – win- win for your client, your firm and ours.

Our Affiliate Marketing Program

Enroll in our Affiliate Marketing Program and we will send you a Welcome packet from our firm. In that packet, we answer the common questions about credit repair and debt collector harassment. We will include 2 pads of sheets:

Violations Pad contains double sided sheets of the most common violations of the law by debt collectors on one side and on the other, the “Fixable Problems on your Credit Report after Bankruptcy. You can tear a sheet off of the pad and give it to your client to reference when looking at his credit report or trying to determine if his collection rights have been violated. The double sided sheet looks like this (.pdf)

Referral Pad contains a single sided sheet for you to fill in your name and phone number along with your client’s name and phone number. When you email or fax that sheet back to me, I will connect you with your client. If we file a lawsuit, we will pay you $400 as a referral fee. We will review your client’s credit reports for free to see if we can be of service.

To become an Affiliate Marketing Partner to Michigan Consumer Credit Lawyers, please fill out the form below. You can always call me if you have any questions. Gary Nitzkin (248) 353-2882 or email me at [email protected]. If it’s urgent, call my cell at (248) 798-6440.